Birmingham is Art? No, Birmingham IS Art!

ND – Grey, Windy, Raining, but still Blue

Birmingham is “Quite Good” (sort of) is a great site if you live in “Brum”. The title’s great of course, but it’s flippant message has genuine value. I’d go as far as “Birmingham is Art” dot com, but one blog is enough for my time right now 😉

I had the good fortune to look around the new (green) building in the Custard Factory today and between the newly enclosed courtyards, hanging art and structural art that supports multiple levels of all glass walkways (don’t look down) it really summed up where Birmingham is at for me; an architecturally artistic city filled with flourishes of installed art around many corners.

Whether it’s the city centre, building interiors or the surrounding parks there’s always something of interest that suits a particular time, place, season, setting or mood.

This wicker statue of a running man is one of two outside the front of The MAC in Cannon Hill Park, a place I’ve covered recently with many flower portraits.

I really like this image as it sums up many of the natural-based artistic markers around the city. Models of Spitfire aircraft or dragons made of flowers can be seen around. Even an original MINI car made of flowers pops up in Victoria Square during the summer.

Running Man

Selfridges is architectural art. I have other images of it here, and I keep going back and finding new ones. This photo was taken on a blue day, but it has a richer colour not because I “photoshopped” it, but because I looked through a polarising filter and twisted it to darken the sky up. The lens was fairly wide, and the resultant variation in colour is evident, but it doesn’t detract and mirrors the underlying deep blue of the building that the 15,000 silver discs smother.

Selfridges Blue

Birmingham is slowly getting land cleared in an area known as Eastside for a new park. At one end of this, a couple of minutes walk from Selfridges is an old pub and a couple of other buildings that are gradually being demolished or left for full renovation. This peeling wall is part of one whose future is (to me) uncertain, yet the face looking from the window is a sign that maybe the owner is watching to see its eventual fate.


House of Fraser, the nearby department store, is growing old gracefully, and is still handsome. Playing with the same polarising filter suddenly darkened up some of the windows to black, giving this slightly chessboard feel to it. Some minor adjustments later, plus a sympathetic transition to black & white produces an image of lines and contrasts.

Architectural Chessboard

This is all art, and Birmingham is made of the stuff 🙂

Have fun,

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