Garage Doors

ND – Dark, Blue

Not the most catchy title is it?

But, you know, i often walk past a brightly coloured metal shutter door, often painted in a bright colour, and think there’s something satisfying about it.

I recently posted this green door on a day when Twitter had annoyingly gone down and the message seemed apt.

Green Garage Door – 24 Hour Access Required

Nikon D700 'FX', Nikkor 24mm F2.8D AF, Exposure 1/800 @ F8, ISO 200, Sunny day, grabbed shot as I walked past, which is why it's not that straight

But they’re all over the place and this other recent find has instilled in me the need to chase this newly awakened desire for such things. I need to prowl deserted streets in derelict or industrial areas, preferably on a Saturday afternoon when the football is on and no one else is around.

Blue Door – No Parking

Nikon D700 'FX', Nikkor 24mm F2.8D AF, Exposure 1/500 @ F8, ISO 200, Anothing grabbed shot whilst walking, but lined it up better than the green door

If you know of any such places around Birmingham, and preferably if they’re in other colours, then please let me know 🙂

Have fun,

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About nakedigit

I have legs and a camera. I also occasionally use a passport. The camera with my brightest lenses can almost (almost) see in the dark. So the only thing stopping me from putting it all together regardless of where and when i am is, well, me really! However, when i don't completely muck it up the results may end up here on this blog and also my Flickr page. I now Twitter and a website is coming... ND August 2010
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2 Responses to Garage Doors

  1. helenog says:

    I’m glad you’ve taken these photos as I occasionally see painted shutters and think they’d make pretty cool pics – nice and colourful. There are a couple in Selly Oak, but I’ve always been a little self conscious so maybe I’ll wait til the Saturday afternoon footy too! I also found one recently in the Jewellery Quarter that I was quite pleased with. Instead of a To Let sign they’d painted Let in bright colours on the shutters…

    • nakedigit says:

      Thanks for looking out Helen. Must admit, when the footie’s on and the streets are empty it is a bit easier to aim a camera at a battered garage door at point blank range as i’ve done it here when i thought i was alone and then looked around to find that people had spotted me and looked like they were avoiding me as an obvious lunatic 😉
      There is quite a bit of good faded stuff around some of the Jewellery Quarter streets, i’ll look out for that door next time i’m there.

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