Frankfurt Christmas Market 2010

ND – Dark, Blue (again)

Every November and December…
…Birmingham’s Victoria Square, Chamberlain Square and New Street play host to the largest Frankfurt Christmas Market outside Germany.

A red sausage hotdog with mild German mustard followed by some chocolate covered marzipan helps the feeling that Christmas is almost upon us. Washing that down with a freezing cold beer or a hot mulled wine doesn’t hurt either 😉

There is so much to photograph, but this attraction is so popular that the surge of crowds can make it tricky to get the shots you want at times.

Here are a couple that I did manage to snatch through the crowds though.

Springy Toy

Nikon D700 'FX', Nikkor 50mm F1.4G AF-S, Exposure 1/250 @ F2.2, ISO 400, I wanted to isolate this springy toy from its background so went with a wide aperture. Slightly faster shutter speed too as the spring still had a little bounce in it!

Plastic Candle Holders

Nikon D700 'FX', Nikkor 70-300mm F4.5-5.6G AF-S VR @ 140mm, Exposure 1/100 @ F20, ISO 640, These holders were colourful but I felt that the contrast and bright stars from the glints of light aided the contrast and so I decided on a monochrome approach here in post-processing.

I’ll update with some colour shots soon.

Have fun,

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I have legs and a camera. I also occasionally use a passport. The camera with my brightest lenses can almost (almost) see in the dark. So the only thing stopping me from putting it all together regardless of where and when i am is, well, me really! However, when i don't completely muck it up the results may end up here on this blog and also my Flickr page. I now Twitter and a website is coming... ND August 2010
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