Rothko 3 – Even More Rothkoesque

ND – Early, Chilly, Grey Overcast, Blue

Rothko, Rothko, Rothko…
…What is it with this recent fetish I have for taking an expensive and high performance digital SLR camera and deliberately trying to get the worst images out of it that I can? I could have followed in Mark Rothko’s footsteps with a £100 pocket snap shooter!

I have previously defocussed, motion-blurred, over saturated and generally abused my Nikon D700 for previous articles entitled Rothkoesque and Rothkoesque 2 and I don’t think it’s had enough punishment yet, So

Rothko Experiment 7 – Painting on Wall

Nikon D700 'FX', Nikkor 70-300mm F4.5-5.6G AF-S VR @ 300mm, Exposure 1/2.5 @ F16, ISO 6400, It was dark and I was trying to make this image look as bad as possible! The yellow area is the corner between 2 walls, a yellow one on the left and a white one on the right, both lit by the dim orange street lights outside and in the distance at night. The colours on the right are from the edge of a painting that's hanging on the white wall. The vertical divides between walls and painting are not vertical here because that's the way I wanted them 🙂 It's grainy because I used ISO 6400 and subsequently 'pushed everything up' in Aperture 2 post processing.

Rothko Experiment 8 – Orange and Red

Nikon D700 'FX', Nikkor 70-300mm F4.5-5.6G AF-S VR @ 300mm, Exposure 1/2.5 @ F29, ISO 6400, Yes, you read that right; F29 and ISO 6400. Why didn't I just go F8 with a sane ISO? The image is of an orange corduroy cushion on top of a red corduroy cushion, sitting on my living room floor.

This series of shots…
…were deliberately taken under poor lighting conditions where I attempted to make the shots even worse. “Experiment 8” used F29 and ISO 6400 because I was trying to make the image grainy, and you have to go this high with the ISO on the excellent D700 to even get this modicum of grain.

Rothko Experiment 9 – Yellow Smooth

Nikon D700 'FX', Nikkor 70-300mm F4.5-5.6G AF-S VR @ 300mm, Exposure 1/1 @ F11, ISO 1600, Poor lighting blends subtly with the colours, camera motion and defocus to produce a really beautiful smooth yellow image.

I really like “Experiment 9”. Moving away from the grainy theme of the previous two, I tried to capture something that was smooth and subtle. I think the blend of yellows, light and shadow here, defocussed and motion blurred during a slow-ish exposure came together well.

Rothko Experiment 10 – Yellow / Red

Nikon D700 'FX', Nikkor 70-300mm F4.5-5.6G AF-S VR @ 300mm, Exposure 1.6 seconds @ F14, ISO 400, Back in the realm of sensible ISO settings, I used F14 to compensate for the slow exposure that I was after to get this effect between a yellow wall and a red one. Given the orientation of the 2 colours I have also turned this image completely upside down, which I can assure you makes a huge difference to the statement that I wanted to make 😉 (NOT).

And Finally…
…a change of mood.

Rothko Experiment 11 – Jupiter

Nikon D700 'FX', Nikkor 70-300mm F4.5-5.6G AF-S VR @ 98mm, Exposure 6 seconds @ F4.5, ISO 400, This was lazy. What you are looking at is an early morning photograph, in my bedroom, dim light outside doing little to penetrate the thin brown closed curtains, before I had even rolled out of bed!

As with some previous shots…
…I took the opportunity of the poor lighting conditions here to go for a long exposure and see what would magnify up out of the gloom. “Experiment 11” is an image of a series of angles on the outside corner of a fitted wardrobe in my bedroom. Using the same defocussing, motion blur and post-production methods that I have previously described, I subsequently rotated the image by 90 degrees to disorientate the subject further by giving the previously vertical lines a “landscape” feel.

Maybe next time I visit Rothko I should go out of the house!

Part 4 of my Rothkoesque series is Here.

Have fun,

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I have legs and a camera. I also occasionally use a passport. The camera with my brightest lenses can almost (almost) see in the dark. So the only thing stopping me from putting it all together regardless of where and when i am is, well, me really! However, when i don't completely muck it up the results may end up here on this blog and also my Flickr page. I now Twitter and a website is coming... ND August 2010
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