Derelict Urban Colour

ND – Early, Actually (Light) Blue

I love Urban Dereliction and…
…If I can find some colour in there then that’s even better 🙂

I have managed to collect some really brilliant colourful urban dereliction images from other photographers on my Flickr Galleries entitled Urban Decay and Urban Decay 2, and would love to visit some of the places that can give birth to such beauty.

However, there’s plenty of dereliction still around Birmingham, and it’s worth taking a walk on sunny days, or even dark gloomy nights, to find and capture some of it before the whole city is fully redeveloped.

Here are two shots I took whilst walking around Birmngham.

Snow Hill Purple Tiles

Nikon D700 'FX', Nikkor 50mm F1.4G AF-S, Exposure 1/40 @ F1.4, ISO 800, Shot under an old railway bridge, white tiled, decaying with 'things' growing on it, lit by a yellow streetlamp but offset with a heavy white-balance adjustment.

This weird colouring on old White tiles under a railway arch near Snow Street station was a lucky find. Water drips down through the brickwork, maintaining a damp enough environment for “weird stuff” to grow. There appears to be quite a colony of various organisms here. Originally shot under a very heavy yellow street light, I cooled off the White balance a fair bit and boosted the saturation a little.

Digbeth Yellow Girder

Nikon D700 'FX', Nikkor 50mm F1.4G AF-S, Exposure 1/2000 @ F1.4, ISO 200, A very bright day, this derelict building had no roof and I wanted the background heavily defocussed, so F1.4 and ISO 200 were what I chose, and 1/2000 shutter is what the camera metered.

A large swathe of land in Digbeth has been cleared for some time now, waiting for the economy to pick up before another surplus of apartments are built. However, around it there are still many old tired buildings in various states of dereliction and this girder props up very little in this one as there is no roof any more.

Have fun,

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I have legs and a camera. I also occasionally use a passport. The camera with my brightest lenses can almost (almost) see in the dark. So the only thing stopping me from putting it all together regardless of where and when i am is, well, me really! However, when i don't completely muck it up the results may end up here on this blog and also my Flickr page. I now Twitter and a website is coming... ND August 2010
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