Buildings at Funny Angles – The Cube, Birmingham

ND – Grey, Cyan

Having more than sufficiently covered…
…Birmingham’s Selfridges building on this blog and my Flickr page I have decided to divert attention to occasionally grabbing a shot of another modern and strangely clad structure that may or may not be iconic now and in the future.

Despite Selfridges being just a few minutes walk from my iMac/Aperture3 combo, The Cube looms larger for me as I can look directly at it from my sofa/couch. From the demolition of the old wharfside buildings, the digging out of a six storey hole in the ground that accommodates a large vending machine style automatic car park, and the craning and concrete pouring all the way to its glass shard pinnacle, I have watched the whole development from start to finish.

Designed by Ken Shuttleworth of MAKE Architects The Cube is said to represent the industry and jewellery making that Birmingham has been historically famous for.

However, the timing of the project was not the best as it was largely developed during the mounting economic crisis that has swept Britain (and elsewhere) since 2008, and mixed with its own financial troubles shortly before completion, along with the poor mortgage market and the general lack of expansion for many businesses, The Cube is largely an empty structure waiting to take on a life proper.

With space set aside for a hotel, shops, restaurants, offices, apartments and bars, The Cube’s majority of empty spaces give it a ghost-like feel today, particularly at weekends when the Highways Agency, The Cube’s current largest (and possibly only) occupying tenant, is closed.

Wandering down Commercial Street…
…You can also see the rather less interesting ‘Building B’ which sits alongside The Cube, and houses the entrance to the Car Park as well as Plant machinery for its parent building. A single and plain brick structure, with metal slats for ventilation, I liked the juxtaposition of it against the main building, and the different angles and lines that you could see.

Choosing the Nikkor 24mm lens to try to bring both structures together, I took this shot to show their relationship. The wide-ranging, and clearly defined, contrast alterations encouraged me to drop the colour out and go with a simple monochrome theme.

The Cube, Birmingham

Nikon D700 'FX', Nikkor 24mm F2.8D AF, Exposure 1/320 @ F8, ISO 200, Wide angle, deeper DoF, standing close, looking up at a slightly odd angle, post-processed to a monochrome with a slight cyan tint.

Part 2 in this series can be found Here and Part 3 can be found Here.

Have fun,

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