Birmingham UK

I’m a Birmingham based photographer…
…so expect to see some shots of Britain’s second city in my blog.

…and where else to start but the iconic Selfridges building in the Bullring, which every photographer and his/her dog has pointed a camera at. Here’s my take, and on my Flickr page.

Selfridges Blue

With the Bullring as the crown of the early 21st Century Birmingham city centre redevelopment, the redeveloping Eastside area is one of the largest expansions out into the suburbs.

Millennium Point

This mass city reinvention means that the 1960’s tower blocks are on their way out, but their demolition is not a return to a low-rise city. Iconic towers, old and new, populate our skyline.

Birmingham is not that bad-looking at night either. There’s great opportunity for nighttime city photography, but the sunsets we’ve been having have also sparkled.

Sunset 5

In fact, rather than the (probably deserved at the time) “concrete jungle” moniker, Birmingham has transitioned into an artful place that is full of colour and texture

…which is probably why so many people are watching it.

This is all why I spend a lot of time photographing my adopted home city. The trouble is, I don’t always get it right

Architectural Chessboard

…and sometimes I do it at Funny Angles.

The Cube

The Mailbox at Night, Colour

Millennium Point Car Park

If you like the Birmingham images here, why not check out my Flickr page.

Have fun
ND 2010


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