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I have always liked to experiment with things in life…
…and my photography is no exception. I recently became interested in the idea of trying to replicate, in camera, some of the ideas that Mark Rothko developed in his Multiforms work.

Rothko Experiment 9 - Yellow Smooth

By deliberately defocussing, slowing down the shutter to allow motion blur, choosing mostly angular subjects, operating in poor lighting conditions, and then beating the subsequent RAW files to death with extreme abuse of contrast, saturation, vibrancy and various other tools during post production in Aperture 2 I have created a series of images that reflect upon the ideas that Rothko developed in the 1940’s.

Rothko Experiment 10 - Yellow / Red

You can read more about my Rothko experiments in the stories at Rothkoesque, Rothkoesque 2, Rothkoesque 3, Rothkoesque 4 and Rothkoesque 5 and you can visit their related Flickr page.

Rothko Experiment 13

Rothko Experiment 5 Red Yellow

Rothko Experiment 15

More Rothko images Here, and you can read about Rothko Here.

Have fun
ND 2011


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